Bathroom Flooring – When Your Floor Isn’t Even

We got the subfloor fixed up, next step was to choose our flooring and lay it down!

We wanted:

-Flooring that was water resistant
-Flooring suitable for uneven floors
-Good looking

We considered:

Tile: tile looks beautiful! However it requires even floors so tiles don’t crack. Also, it can be expensive.

Hardwood: Connor liked this option, but I personally dislike hardwood in the bathrooms. It can buckle if it gets wet. Also its not a good option for uneven floors.

Linoleum: Just roll out some cheap linoleum! Its water proof. However, it doesn’t look great.

Vinyl Tiles: Vinyl tiles are GREAT! We are very happy with our choice.

We chose vinyl tiles because:

-They are water resistant
-Suitable for uneven floors – they are flexible
-We found some good looking tiles – they kind of look like natural tile or hardwood. They’re groutable!
-Inexpensive – these were a great, affordable option at Lowe’s!

We went with the STAINMASTER Routable Light Gray Peel-and Stick Stone Luxury Vinyl.

-Peel and stick made it easy
-Cutting tiles to size was easily done with a razor blade
-We went with a dark grey grout.

The finished product? Beautiful!


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