Laundry… in the Kitchen?

My great-grandmother’s house always had clothes outside on a line to dry. She never owned a dryer! It’s hard to imagine, as I’ve honestly never lived without one.

I’ve also never lived without a basement. But this home has no basement! So the washing machine currently lives in the kitchen – awkwardly placed near the stove.

To turn the pantry into a laundry room? Hm…


Now, air drying does definitely have some appeal. Its environmentally friendly and seems like perhaps it could give your clothes a nice, fresh scent – like the authentic version of those “fresh laundry” scented dryer sheets or Febreeze.

However, it also has some downsides – especially here in New England. Rain, snow, sleet, hail would make this nearly impossible in the winter!

So, needless to say, we needed both a washer and a dryer.

But where to put them?

We considered two options:

  1. Converting the kitchen pantry into a laundry area
  2. Converting the large bathroom closet into a laundry area

After some thought, we decided that while its common in Europe to have laundry in the kitchen, its just not very common anymore in the US, and to make our home modern, we should probably stay away from this option.

Also, this leaves us more room to do what we want in the kitchen.

You can’t see it, but being that pink curtain there are some long, non-functional shelves.

The bathroom closet is well, surprisingly large! We were very surprised. So we decided to tear down the wall, the door, and the awkward shelving next to the closet and make a laundry area in the bathroom!

Much like a twist in an HGTV show, it turned out to be more work than anticipated…

Hardworking boy! Demolishing the bathroom closet.

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