Making Gray Grayer

So you’ve picked your gray paint, looks great on the sample, right?

But now that you’ve covered your way with it, and its dried you’ve come to find that your walls aren’t looking particularly gray.

In fact, they’re looking sort of purple-y. This is exactly what happened to us!

So what do you do when your gray walls look purple?

What about if your gray walls look blue?

Do I have to re-paint?

You can, but there are simpler solutions!

Here are two simple things you can do to make your gray walls look more gray:

Change the Lighting

Try to mute the purple (or blue) undertone by changing the lighting of the room. Warm, yellow incandescent lights bring out reds and yellows which combine with the blue tones of the gray, creating a purple-y reflection.

Compact fluorescent “warm white” bulbs are your best bet to mute those hues and give your grayer walls.


As with lighting, the color you want to avoid here is yellow. Yellow and purple are complementary colors, direct opposites on that color wheel from elementary school art class. While that means they go well together, it also means one brings the other out more intensely when combined.

To avoid your gray turning purple, avoid using yellow art, decor, furniture, etc.

Surprisingly, incorporating purple or blue into your decor will also help  to neutralize purple and blue undertones in your gray paint.

Neutral colors such as brown, tan, black and white will also help neutralize purple and blue undertones, giving you that gray-er gray you’re in search of!


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