The Easy Painting Part

Painting the walls was SO much easier than removing wallpaper.

We went with Fall Chill from Olympic paint. Its supposed to be grey, but with our lighting it appears to be more purple-y.

We still like it. Now on to the trim!


We used a 3M Lead Check test kit from Lowe’s to see if there was any lead paint in the trim as the house was built in 1930. The living room is the oldest room, so if there was any lead, we would expect to find it there.

Fortunately, the tests were negative. I was surprised! As a Realtor, I expect lead in homes built pre-1978. My grandparents tell me that lead paint was for rich people, while calcimine was for poor people. Fortunately the trim is not calcimine. But it will be much easier to deal with now that we know there’s not lead.

We would normally not care as the paint is not chipping or peeling, thus presenting no hazard. However, MA has some of the strictest lead laws for renters in the country and we may someday rent out the home.




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